Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Weekend School & who will benefit from this program?
Online Weekend School conducts Quran & Islamic Studies classes on weekends. Due to Covid, school world across are closed and parents are concerned about their children’s Quranic Education. Online Weekend School provides them a GOLDEN Opportunity to learn Quran in their home through online learning.
How can I get the textbooks and Workbooks for my children?
You can download the PDF and print, or you can purchase it from https://understandquran.com/product-category/books/
My child is more than 12 years old but does not know Tajweed?
It is not a problem, before we enrol the students, we check their Arabic skills and put them in appropriate level.
My child is of Primary level, but knows Tajweed very well, can he/she join Junior level?
Yes. He/she can join the Junior level.
My child is not coping well in the weekend classes; what should I do to ensure he/she learns?
We suggest to you two options: 1. that as parent you can conduct the classes as our online material is free. 2. If you are busy or unable to teach your child due to some reason, then he/she can join the 1-2-1 online classes. There will be close interaction with teacher, and we see better improvement. Pl call +918897000344 for more details.
My child enrolled in Senior level, but you are teaching Junior level courses? Why?
Junior Level courses are a pre-requisite to Senior Level Courses. So, after completion of these courses, he/she will learn Senior Level Courses. In sha Allah!
My child is already enrolled in 121 Program, should I also enrol him in Online Weekend School?
Online Weekend School is for children who cannot attend 121 Program due to many reasons.
Can I change the teacher and timing for my child?
Unfortunately, you cannot change the timing of the classes as we offer only one section of the weekend school at present.
Will there be boys and girls in same class?
There will be strict control of online class, so that discipline is maintained. No camera and no interaction between boys and girls will be allowed.
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