Read Al-Qur’an with Tajweed

The Read Quran Series (Tajweed ul Quran) is taught from Nursery to 3rd grade. In every grade, Islamic Studies is an integral component. RQ Series consists of textbooks – Nursery, LKG, UKG, Book1, Book2, and Book3.

Important Unique features of Read Quran (RQ)

  1. Phonetic Order of Arabic letters: The classical order of Arabic letters follows the shape-wise arrangement. RQ teaches the Arabic letters in Phonetic order, starting with lip letters, tongue-tip, side of the tongue, edge of the tongue, and throat letters. This order is natural and easy to teach and remember for young learners.
  2. TPI (Total Physical Interaction): TPI is considered one of the most effective methods in teaching children and adults. The actions for different categories of letters like normal, thick, thick & high, and high enhances makharij.
  3. Poems & Rhymes: As children learn faster through poems, RQ is learned through 18 letter poems and rhymes. It increases student engagement and energy in the classroom.
  4. Tajweed Practice with Quranic Words
  5. Letters on fingers: Each letter is given a position on fingers. The children are excited to learn and it makes it easier to remember the order of letters.

Course Material: Textbook, Workbook, Presentations, Videos, Classroom posters, and word formations.

Teaching Methods: Use of Rhymes (for the first time in learning Arabic), extensive use of TPI, Think-Pair-Share (TPS) and activity-based learning, extensive practice by repetition. Lesson Plans, teacher guides & supporting resources are provided.

Course Outcome: After the completion of this course, the student will be able to pronounce the Makharij correctly, write the Arabic words, and read the Quran applying the rules of Tajweed. The student will be able to identify the rules while reciting the Quran.


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