Organizational Tie-ups:

The UQA Maktab Online is the need of every Muslim Organization. Reaching out to the




Makatib & Madaris


Jamaats & Social Organizations

Schools are the best beneficiaries of UQA Maktab Online. Muslim Schools have a ‘promise’ to keep to parents – their children’s Islamic education and upbringing. Most schools struggle to keep this promise due to various reasons. 

1. Improper Implementation and lack of guidance

2. Lack of effective Teacher Training & Teacher resources

The top 5 reasons for the failure of proper Islamic education in schools

3. Lack of availability of good teachers

4. Low or no parental support

5. Low priority for Islamic Education

Quranic Curriculum in schools

  1. Option A —> Train existing School Teacher: The UQA will train the Schools’ teachers, provide the teacher and student resources like textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, sample schedules, lesson plans. UQA will supervise the implementation for the first year. It will also help in evaluating and monitoring the program.
  2. Option B —> Hire UQA Teacher: The schools can hire the UQA certified teachers online, the billing will be done on hourly basis. The number of teachers hired will be needed.
  3. Option C —> Affiliate : Become a UQA partner by becoming an affiliate. Enroll the students in UQA Maktab Online by exclusive affiliate link. Track the number of students joining through the link.

Teacher Training course

Our teaching methodology is unique and refreshing. Its interactive and not boring. Inshallah, your children will love it.

Develop the UQA teaching methods for Tajweed and Teaching Quranic Arabic grammar


Relate the solutions of present times lies in Understanding & following the Quran & Sunnah


Know how people learn, prepare lesson plans, do the student assessment, develop rapport with the students & parents.& much more..

Subjects Taught

Read Al-Qur'an with Tajweed

Understand Al-Qur'an Series

Mini Hifz

Islamic studies (Hadith & Seerah)

UQA Program Evaluation, Monitoring & feedback

360 evaluation overview


Expertise (Reading & Understanding)


Educational Psychology


Lesson Planning


Student Assessment


Rapport with learners, parents & others


An online key performance dashboard is developed using free online tools like Google tools. This will help the management of the school to analyze and take corrective action based on the data

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