Understand Al-Qur’an Series

The Understand Quran (UQ) Series is taught complete Quran with meaning from 4th grade till 10th grade. In all these grades Islamic Studies is an integral component. The UQ series is taught with the help of Book-4 to Book-10.

The course moves with a focus on first things first and takes Salah as first to understand. The UQ series covers Arabic vocabulary, grammar, and brief explanatory points for verses. Essential parts of Islamic Studies are also covered in this series.

Unique Features of Understand Quran Series

  1. Foundation of Quranic Arabic Grammar:
  2. 50% vocabulary through Salah:
  3. TPI (Total Physical Interaction):
  4. Develop deep relationships through:
    1. AEEP: Ask-Evaluate-Plan-Propagate
    2. DPPR: Direct-Planned-Personal-Relevant
    3. Tadabbur-Tadakkur-Tafakkur (Imagine & Feel)
  5. Five feature Mushaf (TPKMG): Tajweed, Pointers, Keywords, Meaning, Grammar
  6. Spoken Arabic: Short sentences with questions & answers help increase familiarity

Course Material: Textbook, Workbook, Presentations, Videos, Classroom posters, and word formations.

Teaching Methods: Use of TPI, Think-Pair-Share (TPS), and activity-based learning, extensive practice by repetition. DPPR and AEPP with imagination and feeling for every ayah. Lesson Plans, teacher guides & supporting resources are provided.

Course Outcome: After the completion of this course, the student will be able to pronounce the Makharij correctly, write the Arabic words, and read the Quran applying the rules of Tajweed. The student will be able to identify the rules while reciting the Quran.


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